This Year’s Promise

Last time I submitted to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, it was a quiet, dark piece.

This week I submitted 2 works of energy. One energetic in the lights, the other energetic in the darks. Both landscapes, both Plein Air – or San Aer, in the Irish language.Catherine Considine at the gates of the Royal Academy of Art, London

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Breathe in Everything

Looking down on Clew Bay from the shoulder of Croagh Patrick

“Breathe in everything.
What you breathe nourishes your creativity.
Your creativity is the voice of your soul.”

So a wise friend told me when I began trying to find my way of going as a painter. I didn’t feel confident about making a complete turnabout in life, but something inside wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Darker Than December

an oil painting of mangoes in a green glass bowl and a Foxford wool rug
Darker than December, oil painting, winter 2010

Andrew Graham Dixon had a wonderful documentary on BBC4 the other evening, about Still Life – Apples, Pears and Paint: How to Paint a Still Life Painting: What with that, and the terrible storms now battering Ireland, this painting I did back in the winter of 2010 came to mind.
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