West Kerry Paintings in Dublin boutique for Christmas 2016

I’ve hung these paintings for sale in Sheila’s shop in Cabinteely, Co. Dublin along side her wonderful fashion designs.

Each painting comes ready gift-boxed.

See Google map below for details.

Mount Brandon from Fermoyle Beach, West Kerry, Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way.
Sunset on Inch Strand, West Kerry, Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way
An original oil painting of Saxifrage growing on the embankment behind the Gallarus Oratory.
Saxifrage growing on the embankment behind the Gallarus Oratory. West Kerry, Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way. -Sold.
An original oil painting of the view from the Caher Road by Irish artist Catherine Considine
Looking up towards Glentenassig from the Caher Road, Castlegregory, West Kerry, Ireland. Wild Atlantic Way.


A sunny day for a final varnish, December 2016

sunlight glistening on the portraitA nice bit of December sunshine helps on varnishing day.



Pictures of Ireland

I’ve been putting together some pictures of Ireland, going through photos in Lightroom. Because I’m always shooting a photo with a view to capturing a reference for a painting, they don’t often work as a finished photo, but some do & I don’t pay enough attention to them.

Intense rain and wind is difficult to work with, rain seems to come from everywhere, but with the camera under a white umbrella, I managed to get this shot. Click on the image to buy a print from

a photo of Clogher beach, Dingle peninsula, West Kerry, Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way by Irish Artist Catherine Considine
Beautiful soft colours of falling rain at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula, West Kerry, Ireland.

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Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal)

There are so many places to paint Sybil Head from, I chose this one because of the two fine horses.

A pencil drawing of horses near Sybil Head, West Kerry, Ireland
Looking towards Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal), Dingle, West Kerry, Ireland (click on picture to buy a print from

I intended this to become a full painting, but I really like this version, with the cliffs of Sybil Head in the distance, and the fine horses in the field. Continue reading “Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal)”

Portrait of Joe Sweeney Easter Rising 1916

Joe Sweeney, from Burtonport, Co. Donegal, was my uncle’s father. He was in the GPO in 1916. I wanted to contribute to the 2016 commemorations in a meaningful way – I’m very thankful my uncle and cousins gave me his photo to enable me to paint this portrait – happy too they approve the result.

Portrait of Joe Sweeney
Joseph Aloysius Sweeney (13 June 1897 – 25 November 1980). Oil on paper, laid on board. Artist, Catherine Considine, 2016
Palette for Joe Sweeney portrait
Palette for Joe Sweeney portrait

I knew his skin tone and hair was like my cousin’s, and they tell me his eyes were blue. There is a previous portrait which was enormously helpful too.

As it was a black & white photo I was working from, I chose the colour palette for the clothes.

With green tie, gold collar button & white shirt, he is wearing the tricolour.

The tie was smaller in reality as was the fashion, I’ve made it larger for dramatic effect. I chose to depict the suit more chunky than it was too, to give the appearance of thick Donegal tweed.

The photo I worked from was taken around the time of the first Dáil, he would have been in his early twenties.

Here’s a link to the Donegal Daily with more information (0pens in a new window).

My aunt gave me this when I was young.
My aunt gave me this when I was young.

Sketching in the Park

Autumn on the Avenue

Line and Colour

I’ve been organising through my compositional ideas in the park, they are slow to come together from sketches into paintings, there are so many elements to consider. Continue reading “Sketching in the Park”

A Walk in the Park

Spending Time in the Park

a watercolour of a fruit laden crab apple tree against a blue sky
Watercolour study of a crab apple tree and autumn leaves.

At the moment, I’m developing compositions around the park. The colours are more subdued than the landscape of the west of Ireland & the wild atlantic way, so it’s taking a lot of getting used to.

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Mary from Gallarus Oratory

Mary – I’m hoping you’ll stop by some day, here’s the portrait sketch – I’m so looking forward to seeing your sketch of me.

Pastel sketch of Mary
Pan Pastel sketch of Mary
I met Mary, an artist who was visiting Gallarus Oratory. We took each others photo with a view to doing a sketch. I think she was from Canada, but I may not be remembering quite right. She works with charcoal mostly. I did my sketch in Pan Pastel on tinted paper.